• David Mittelman - Moby Dick Made Me Do It
  • David Mittelman - Moby Dick Made Me Do It

David Mittelman – Moby Dick Made Me Do It


c. 2010
edition of 200
6.25 x 9.25

about this piece

Moby Dick Made Me Do It is a collection of poems by Fort Collins poet Felicia Zamora. As the title suggests, the collection addresses themes and features of Herman Melville’s masterwork, often obliquely, sometimes quite directly. The book is printed letterpress from hand-set type, recalling the printing of Melville’s day and bringing the two Moby-Dick books into physical as well as thematic conversation. The collection is illustrated by two wood engravings representing two denizens of the deep — the whale, whose tail towers above the surface of the water, and the stingray, which glides soundlessly over the sea floor — evoking the complex attitude of the poet (as well as the novelist) toward nautical enterprise, the sea, and the self. Moby Dick Made Me Do

New Jersey native David Mittelman moved to Colorado in 2009 after graduating from Brown University with a degree in philosophy and Portuguese & Brazilian studies. He met Ray Tomasso at a book arts event at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, then began to assist in cataloging and organizing type, cuts and other letterpress materials at Inter-Ocean. David is the founder and editor of Flat Cap Publishing, a small press dedicated to promoting work by young and new authors. Felicia Zamora works as an academic advisor in the College of Business and is a Master of Fine Arts student in creative writing, both at Colorado State University. Published works may be found or forthcoming in A cappella Zoo, Matter, Weave Magazine, Slow Trains, and others.

letterpress printed, hand sewn copies. Twenty-four pages, printed on Crane’s Lettra 100% cotton letterpress paper. Cover printed on hand-made rag paper from the Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio of Englewood, CO. Includes two original wood-engravings.

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David Mittelman – Moby Dick Made Me Do It