Deborah Martin – This is What I Eat – SOLD

© 2017
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dimensions in inches: 8 x 8 x 60


about this piece

About this piece:

“This is what I eat” documents my lunches at my studio for a two week period. I chose an accordion book format so that my day-to-day images can be viewed sequentially. Using a sharpie pen I am able to concentrate on my detailed drawings. My lunches proved to be mostly unhealthy choices – as I was drawing a hot dog which I eventually ate – I realized that I had to change my diet. Toward the end of the two week period my choices for lunch improved to salads and fruit. Also included are writings about food and my choices. For instance, a chicken sandwich from MacDonalds has a residue of grease drippings on the page. It was indeed a horrible choice for lunch. I am happy to say that this book gave me important information about what I eat and how I must change my diet to live a more healthy life.



wax, book board, paper, ink, watercolor

About the artist:

Florida transplant, Deborah Martin fell so in love with her new home’s flora and fauna that they became her inspiration. The fragility of nature is her constant theme. Martin loves to draw – this produces work that is an accurate and close-up depiction of her environment. She uses encaustic, a medium that gives her work a softness, juxtaposed with the crisp clear line of her drawings. Martin graduated from Skidmore College and received an MFA from the State University of New York.

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Deborah Martin – This is What I Eat – SOLD