Denise Stephenson – Covid Times


© 2020
edition of 19
dimensions in inches: 5.75 x 6.75 x .25

About this piece:

Covid Times was born of the temporal dissonance the pandemic delivered while sheltering-in-place. Challenged by my Artist Book Coterie to create content for a gatefold, I wanted the pages to be readable in any combination. Once I recognized that a When statement on the left needed to interface with a Time statement on the right, all that was needed was the succinct situations to evoke the massive cultural changes the world was amid to couple with time-worn clichés. Twice I “finished” the book but didn’t produce the edition. Arriving at a cover design was the impediment, but additions and revisions of content happened along the way.

Hand-inked and computer resized and rotated corona viruses adorn the inside wordless pages as well as the ink-jet printed cover that oddly defied smudging on this textured stock that laser printing failed at.


paper, ink, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Oceanside, California.

Denise Stephenson, a book artist for 20+ years, is a dystopian novelist and writing center director. You’d think words would have been central to her books, but that’s not the case having created many a wordless structure. Predominantly a 3D artist, she is currently working to marry word and form. These are her latest efforts in that journey.


Denise Stephenson – Covid Times