Denise Stephenson – What She Said

c. 2011
edition of 15
4 x 3.5 x .5


My family triangulates. To inform person 1, I tell person 2, knowing person 1 will learn it from 2. It’s like a game of telephone, though never as playful, since the avoidance of conflict only gets amplified. This triangle book provides 3 signatures: a narrative, definitions of triangulation in varied fields, and a visual representation of the process. It is my first letter-press book, and to get the triangle pages to lay out properly challenged all of my engineering skills.

Denise Stephenson’s artistic endeavors center around writing and collaboration. She’s abstract and conceptual. Denise thinks of herself as a 3-D artist. For the last decade, experimenting with book arts has occupied her creatively. Expanding beyond the short form, she just wrote a novel: Isolation. With any luck, it will be a book assembled by a publisher, but that work is still underway. Denise is also Faculty Director of the MiraCosta College Writing Center in Oceanside, CA.

Mohawk superfine cover, silk book cloth, davey board, rubber ink

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Denise Stephenson – What She Said

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