Diane Britt – What is the Native – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


© 2014
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 27 x 18 x 1.5
Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


About this piece:
This wall-mounted book object is part of a series exploring ideas and imagery of belonging and alienation, native versus invasive species, xenophobia and fanatical zeal for the culturally long-cherished, seemingly right-belonging and the perceived outsider. Through destroying these book covers’ structural integrity by cutting, tearing, and evoking the literal eating away by insect invaders and the passage of time, the piece invites thoughts about life cycles, development, and death; both humble gardens and much-cherished societal behemoths alike might (de)volve into something else worthy of consideration. And the covers’ titles themselves further tease along these lines, small jokes about beauty and disease as equal fodder for the hungry worm.

book board, thread, watercolor, ink, wood, paper, wool, insect and plant matter
About the artist:

lives in Birmingham, Ohio, United States

Diane Britt is a Birmingham, Ohio book artist whose work also encompasses installation, drawing, and painting. She received a BA in Art from UMass/Boston. Through Art Books Cleveland and the Morgan Conservatory of Papermaking, Diane is an active book and paper arts advocate. She is currently in Monumental in Miniature III, traveling in the U.S. and abroad. Diane’s work explores traditional book forms as vehicles for unusual materials, methods, and using language, as well as creating works which push at the boundaries of what a book is and can be.

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Diane Britt – What is the Native – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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