Dong Dong – Some Bubble Universe


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18 dimensions in inches: 7.5 x 9.25 x 2.25


About this piece:

Some Bubble Universe is a letterpress printed artist’s book that is inspired by Inflation Theory. The book depicts a relatively stable space that is created by unstable energies—the transitions in life. With imagery created from drawings and photographs, an accordion structure, movable elements, and letters, it explores the concept of belonging through presenting misplacements, misunderstandings, comforts, and realizations inherent in transitional experiences.

Inflation Theory describes a brief period of exponential expansion in the early universe. Universes undergo endless, eternal inflation. But in small parts of the universe, inflation may decay and form bubble universes, which have their own big bangs and laws of physics (TED-Ed and Wikipedia). The “bubble universe” I present showcases vignettes of a space of peaceful tension, a space that is constantly pulled by equal forces: the past and the future, disconnections and connections, clarity and sadness that come with realizations.

Colors are used to unify elements which originate from the same space. As the book progresses, colors shift, indicating the mixing of spaces. Water was chosen to be part of the visual language to echo the ever-changing nature of transition. The bubble/rock shapes of water represent one’s personal histories and memories. Four letters were written from the perspective of an individual writing to a close friend who is experiencing a similar transition.

Images were created using letterpress printing, inkjet printing, paper cutting, paper engineering, and collage. The text was printed from hand-set Perpetua. The book and letters are housed together in a Japanese portfolio box.


paper, ink, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa, United States

Dong Dong is a bookbinder and book artist who spends her time in Iowa City, Iowa, and Parsippany, New Jersey. She received her MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book and her MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester in the UK. Her creative works are manifestations of personal essays that interweave language, culture, and psychology. She utilizes sculptural and movable book structures, hand paper cutting, printing, and photography.

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Dong Dong – Some Bubble Universe

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