Dudley Zopp – Is There Something We Can Do


© 2017
edition of 50
dimensions in inches: 8 x 9.75 x 2

about this piece

About this piece:
For a 2014 exhibition Turning In Your Hand: The Blue Marble Project, a group of artists and environmentalists were each given a blue marble and asked to respond with work that considers the earth as seen from outer space. I made a series of drawings and accompanying text, exhibited as a digital book. It was my dream to let the flipping and turning of digital pages inspire a physical book that retains the feeling of “turning in your hand.” This book explores our relationship to the earth in a sequence of watercolors and texts presented in a circular accordion format, to be read in the round or displayed as sculpture. The 31 watercolors, done over a period of one month, are accompanied by text notations of the day’s weather and my drawing process, joined with brief adaptations from ancient Buddhist texts. This is a limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies, presented in a dark blue clamshell box with a blue marble and one of the original matted and signed drawings.

Each day’s drawing was made by erasing an old drawing. A blue stick-on dot was placed on each sheet and using watercolor or ink, I made a new drawing in place of the old one. I removed the sticker to leave a ghost circle symbolizing the blue marble. As text, I noted my process, the weather, and the color of the ocean as seen from my studio. An excerpt of an ancient Buddhist text was added to complete each day’s process. For example, the text for Day Fourteen reads “My house is covered, the fire is kindled, therefore, if thou like, rain, o sky. / Erase a drawing. Leave the eraser fragments in place. Paint the shapes cerulean. / The weather is a blizzard and the ocean is hidden from view.” Read in sequence, the drawings and texts reveal a subtle narrative about the human condition.

Also available as a slip cased edition, $585 each – please inquire.


cloth, paper, ink, glass

About the artist:

Dudley Zopp holds a B.A. and M.A. in Modern Foreign Languages from the University of Kentucky, and studied at the Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville. She lives in Lincolnville, Maine.

Zopp finds inspiration in geological processes and cultural histories of place. Her engagement with restoring habitat where she lives feeds directly into her work, which ranges from site specific installations to paintings, woodcuts and limited edition books. Her work is included university and museum collections nationally. Her artist’s book, Is There Something We Can Do, appeared in 2017.

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Dudley Zopp – Is There Something We Can Do