Elaine Langerman – Book #19: Ravishing Radishes


© 2013
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 6 x 6.5 x 1


About this piece:

The theme of this book is vegetables and fruit and their interaction with cavorting humans or almost-humans. In it pure silliness prevails–alliteration, puns and general weirdness happens. Crease patterns and origami patterns provide the background for varieties of hijinks from Marcella Rose riding an eggplant on the high seas to Marika in a bunny suit, placed there through the magic of Photoshop.

¬†There are “Avid Apples”and “Soignee Strawberries” as well as “Tender Tomatoes”. In “Avid Apples” there is an “Old Woman Tossed in a Basket” to be found in “The Real Mother Goose”. The entire rhyme is as follows:
“There was an old woman tossed in a basket,/Seventeen times as high as the moon;/But where she was going no moral could tell,/For under her arm she carried a broom./’Old woman, old woman, old woman,’ said I, ‘to sweep the cobwebs from the sky’/And I’ll be with you by-and-by.”
I used glass beads in the shape of vegetables for the binding.


paper, ink, beads, waxed thread, varnish

About the artist:

Elaine Langerman works in several diverse media but making unique books is perhaps closest to her heart. She composes her books with images culled from her image library and also from the net. One of her favorite subjects is Alice, the character from Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, that intrepid character who forges on, though bewildered, in spite of whatever puzzling situation she encounters. Her books are included in several university library collections.

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Elaine Langerman – Book #19: Ravishing Radishes

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