• Elsi V. Ellis Postulates
  • Elsi V. Ellis Postulates
  • Elsi V. Ellis Postulates

Elsi Vassdal Ellis – Aἰτήματα Postulates – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


edition of 10 © 2011, 6.5 x 11 x .5

Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


When you live on 20 acres surrounded by nature and your domestic footprint within that space is kept small (mowing and cultivating versus letting nature do its thing), the visual and auditory systems become distressed when confronted by the commute to work, or by travel in general. With a point-and-shoot camera I collect evidence of human–nature face offs. The photographs used in this book were taken during professional travels to Kalamazoo (Michigan) for the annual International Medieval Congress, and Focus on Book Arts in Forest Grove (Oregon). The text is a non-linear narrative, the product of eclectic readings of New Scientist, Discover, The Republic, The Atlantic, and Harper’s magazines. There are a few reference books tossed into the mix. A successful Internet search led me to Euclid’s Elements of Geometry in Greek and English and selected theorems and drawings were applied to appropriate photographs.

The left page features something about the natural world, centered around a nineteenth-century illustration printed in a color selected from the image on the right page. The right page is composed of two layers. Upon the translucent vellum sheet is an extraction of one of Euclid’s postulates in Greek and English with drawings correlated with the photographs underneath the vellum. Once the vellum page is turned, the image and text are clearly visible. The reader can begin exploring the narrative at any point in the book.

Elsi Vassdal Ellis creates books in a well equipped studio outside Bellingham on 20 acres of what was once part of the Buckholtz Homestead. Born in Fallon, Nevada, she spent her formative years in Iowa City, Iowa, before settling down in the Pacific Northwest.Since 1983 she has produced over 95 editions and 120 unique books employing a variety of reproduction techniques and materials. Her work is permanently housed in many public collections including the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

The book has been printed on an Epson C88+ inkjet; the primary substrates are ViaStone Premium Photo Paper-Matte finish [stone and resin] and Strathmore Inkjet Translucent Vellum; Cougar Opaque 100# cover stock for wrap cover. Non-adhesive side binding using elastic.

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Elsi Vassdal Ellis – Aἰτήματα Postulates – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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