• Emily Martin Who What Where When
  • Emily Martin Who What Where When
  • Emily Martin Who What Where When
  • Emily Martin Who What Where When

Emily Martin – Who What Where When


© 2008
edition of 25
9 x 6 x .68


A drum leaf bound book of words and images on facing pages, working together to suggest an ambiguous narrative. The images are organized as if casting a play, with three separate figures holding weapons of various kinds, 3 pairs kissing, dancing or toasting each other, three separate figures crying, sneaking or running, a crime scene body outline and 2 versions each of 4 different room settings.

Printed using the images from the Clues but no answers series in combination with a series of terse sentences to suggest a mystery. A combination of pressure printing, linoleum relief printing, printing from polymer plates and hand set type on a Vandercook SP15 on Mohawk superfine paper.

images are letterpress printed using pressure printing, polymer plates and a linoleum block
text was written for the book and is letterpress printed from hand set Baskerville type
Mohawk Superfine paper.

Emily Martin earned a MFA degree in painting, from the University of Iowa in 1979, having previously earned a BFA and MA in drawing and painting, respectively. She started the Naughty Dog Press in 1996 to produce her own limited editions of primarily sculptural and movable artist’s books. Martin joined the University of Iowa Center for the Book in 1998, to teach a variety of classes exploring artists’ books, including Movable & Sculptural Books, Paper Engineering & Pop Up Books and Artists Books. During her career she has produced over 35 limited edition artist’s books using a variety of production techniques including letterpress printing, intaglio printing, silkscreen printing, inkjet printing and photocopies. Martin’s books are included in public and private collections throughout the United States and internationally. See the collections page for the full list. Martin is very interested in the intersection of the book as an art form with the traditional craft of bookbinding.

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Emily Martin – Who What Where When

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