Emma Sovich – Fibroid


© 2013
edition of 20
dimensions in inches: 3 x 5.75 x 0.25


About this piece:

Fibroid is an artifact I created to preserve a set of emotions associated with a medical procedure I underwent to remove a fibroid from my uterus. Fibroid is a small portfolio that houses an accordion of handmade abaca and raw cotton paper with moments of thickness and thinness that give the accordion natural movement. I then folded the accordion deliberately to contradict this movement. The accordion is two-sided. One side represents the rational and contains the doctor’s dictated surgical notes following the procedure. The images are modified from MRIs of the brain. The other side of the accordion represents the emotional; the text is image, and is taken directly from my own pre-surgical notes. Along with the accordion is a small print of a painting of a uterus; this image is repeated on the portfolio cover. Fibroid is an attempt to make sense of or at least beautify a small piece of the pain and grotesquery women are simply expected to endure.
Fibroid was letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 and preserves all four natural deckles in the handmade paper.
Surgical notes were acquired from my medical records. Dr. Shari Lawson did the procedure and dictated the notes, which I received in PDF form and then transcribed.


Handmade paper, ink, cloth

Artist bio:

Emma Sovich has MFAs in Book Arts and Poetry from the University of Alabama. She has taught at the University of Alabama. Her imprint, Graveyard House Press, publishes feminist poetry with a pulse.

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Emma Sovich – Fibroid

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