Alicia Bailey- Evanesco – a selection of beleaguered frogs


© 2020
edition of 9 v.e. + a.p
dimensions in inches: 7.9 x 6.9 x 1.9 (box)

Diamond shaped, wire edge, rigid page book features 17 images of frogs with varying status from the IUCN Red List of Endangered species, housed in a custom-box. The diamond shaped book is housed in a custom-box. The book and box covers each have an original oil painting of a frog behind an etched mica label.

This project began with a batch of biology notebooks from my great-aunt Ruth’s archive that were created in 1920 as part of her undergraduate education. I inked over several of her pencil drawings detailing frog biology, treated the pages so they would be receptive to oil paint, then painted a variety of frogs, one to a page. Scanned at high-resolution, these images were printed on hand-dyed Mohawk Superfine Text paper with archival digital inks. The images were each mounted on a core of museum board wrapped with elephant hide paper with further details about the depicted frog hand-written in red ink. Title page and colophon are letterpress printed from polymer plates.The pages are bound using a wire edge structure, onto copper and steel rods. The book and box covers have been treated with shellac, then over painted with gesso, oil and wax. The covers each have a hand-painted frog behind a laser etched mica labels. The diamond shaped book is housed in a custom box with text laser etched into the tray corner pieces. The corner text reads:

Blake believed that the object of being human is to learn how to be human. Will we learn to be human in time? To live up to our full capacities in time to save ourselves? To save the world that is vulnerable to us? To fail will bring on a greater tragedy than we can possibly imagine.

The base of the box has a print out of a circle graph with a hand-written legend under a layer of cast acrylic.


book board, shellac, oil paint, wax, book cloth with surface applied acrylic, brass rods, linen thread, paper, mica, cast acrylic, digital archival ink, letterpress ink, foam board, drawing inks

About the artist:

Alicia Bailey is a studio artist working across multiple disciplines. She has focused on book arts and assemblage since the mid-nineties, producing artists’ books, sculptural books and limited edition books. Alicia’s work embraces a wide variety of methods and materials. It has been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibits throughout the world and is held in numerous public, private and special collections. An archive of her work in the book arts is under development at Penrose Special Collections, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.


Alicia Bailey- Evanesco – a selection of beleaguered frogs