Fiona Dempster – What? Why? What? What?


© 2017

edition of 7

dimensions in inches: 5 x 5 x 1

About this piece:
This artists book looks at four questions around family violence – What About Male Victims? Why Doesn’t She Leave? What Can I Do? What Does Gender Have To Do With It?

The title page uses four different typefaces to ask the short version of the questions; within the book hand-stamped lettering asks the full question. The etched, hand-coloured imagery supports possible answers to these questions; and the text is written in miniscule original calligraphy, densely placed upon the page, making it difficult to read. These are not issues to skip over lightly. The final page encourages us to be a voice – for victims, to politicians and to keep speaking about the issue. The book itself is small and delicate to hold in the hand; yet contains difficult themes and messages.



paper, ink,thread, book cloth

About the artist:
Lives and works in Maleny, Queensland, Australia.

Fiona Dempster is a calligraphic and book artist based in Maleny,Queensland, Australia. She loves books, words, marks and text, and her work is generally elegant, spare and restrained; seeking the essence of things rather than an elaborate and complex expression of them. Text is nearly always present in her work through beautiful calligraphic words, in letterpress type, or in burnt book pages. Fiona’s work often responds to social issues as she seeks to promote peace, raise awareness of family violence, explore issues for women or consider the impact of war.


Fiona Dempster – What? Why? What? What?