Gail Smuda – Mend – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


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dimensions in inches: 6 x 6 x 1

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About this piece:

I had a very serious operation that involved a very rare condition and the images my surgeon sent me that were taken during the operation are the basis of the imagery that has been hand sewn. Only I know which are the before and after images and a big part of the story is how tiny the problem was which could have resulted in either loss of vision or death. Small problem with a large result. The minute the repair was complete I was totally “cured”.

My surgeon was so wonderful that a friend, my husband and I nicknamed him “Dr. Dreamy”. I had double vision for a year and no one could find out what was wrong. The intern at the hospital in Boston knew what it was immediately and because it was so rare there are few doctors who can even perform the operation. So this is, as you can tell, a very personal artifact. The surgeon knew I was an artist and sent me the images the day they did the last “check up” to make sure everything was repaired.A great surgeon and a very nice man.


mixed media – paper, thread, fabric, book board

Artist bio:

Gail Smuda has created artist’s books for over two decades and has exhibited her work in 47 states and several foreign counties including Ireland and Australia. She currently teaches at Southern New Hampshire University. Her work often focuses on the work and concerns of women and especially those of the period 1880 – 1930. She frequently uses photographs and materials from that era to support the content of her books.

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Gail Smuda – Mend – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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