Gay Walker – Color Spot Baking


© 2016
edition of 25
dimensions in inches: 8.88 x 6 x .5

about this piece

About this piece:

This work presents a novel and far more difficult concept for recipes. Seven chocolate dessert recipes were selected, made, and the results photographed. These were transformed into a book of recipes gathering the quantities of each ingredient for all recipes together on a page. The actual more usable recipes are printed and placed in a pocket in the back. Each recipe is identified throughout by its color spot. This idea came out of a conversation with a gourmet friend who had to know how many pounds of butter would be needed for her holiday cookie baking. However, if one’s passion is chocolate, what better way to know exactly how much chocolate, sugar, and butter one is ingesting?


paper, ink, marker, thread, book cloth, book board

About the artist:

Gay Walker is a book artist trained in bookbinding, letterpress, calligraphy, and graphic design. She has created her own style of personal, often format-focused, and sometimes quirky artist’s books since the late 1970s. Her books relate to her life, travels, and other cultures. Walker has experience in the book arts field as the Curator of the Arts of the Book Collection at Yale and the Special Collections Librarian at Reed College. She earned a BA from Reed, MSLS from Simmons, and MALS from Wesleyan University, and has lectured and written widely in preservation and the book arts.

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Gay Walker – Color Spot Baking