Georgia Greeley and Sue Bjerke – Echoes -SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


© 2014
edition of 50
dimensions in inches: 9 x 4 x 1.25

Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


About this piece:

This book structure is modeled on a 13th century Vade Mecum (Go With Me), girdle book. These were hand sized folding almanacs, books of hours, celestials, missiles, calendars, medical references, etc., an indicator of social status as well as a portable file not unlike a medieval iPad.
Ancient markings are echoes of our human ancestry in a past so distant as to be unimaginable. What did the images mean to the originators, what do they mean to us today? Ancient scribes left these artifacts for our puzzlement and possibly our enlightenment. This book represents that exploration.
Images for the text were researched and inspired by early cave paintings and archeological finds. The cover image is a representation of a Prim Stav, a device occurring in 11th century Norway to help people mark the days. A call to authors was issued and juried. Authors were asked to submit work that spoke to the human urge to make a mark.


St. Armond cover paper, burgra text block, letterpress text and pressure print images, braided linen thread, book board

Artist bio:

Sue Bjerke’s work in book arts and wood carving are interests that have combined and led her to an exploration of historical book structures. Georgia A Greeley’s joy in combining word and images shows up in broadsides, handmade books, fine press books and collaborations with other artists.

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Georgia Greeley and Sue Bjerke – Echoes -SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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