Heather Doyle-Maier – Bo(u)nd


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edition of one
dimensions in inches: variable



Pricing of this piece is variable. The ArtGym installation is $1500. Fewer sections (of 20 book panels) are available for $850 each.

About this piece:

Bo(u)nd reflects on the nature of marriage and commitment: a pairing of individualities to form a “we.” Bringing the private space of the bedroom into the public realm of the gallery, the original installation utilized domestic and industrial materials to explore a prolonged narrative of intimacy. Here, a section of the extended book structure from the installation is featured, made from worn bedsheets and pillows and constructed in a dos a dos structure. In its initial appearance, the book encompassed 350 single units and stretched for more than 70 feet, reflecting a long and intimate (though illegible) conversation between two.

In the original installation, the book stretched throughout the gallery, from one end of the building, up to the balcony, across the second floor and up a ladder. The “contents” of the book gradually changed to incorporate more feathers and gauze until, at its conclusion, the paper covers had disintegrated and there was only small pieces of bedsheet binding gauze.

For Narrative Threads, several sections from the original installation cascade down from a moveable gallery wall, with an additional section curling around the column on the floor.


bedsheets, thread, gauze, feathers, paper substrate

About the artist:

Heather Doyle-Maier uses fabric and text to examine themes of femininity, motherhood and domesticity, bringing her experience as a storyteller-musician, a costume designer and a mother to bear in her work. A Colorado native, Heather holds a BFA from Metropolitan State College of Denver in Visual Art and BA from Loretto Heights College/Regis College in Theatre Education. Heather’s award-winning work has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally, and she teaches bookmaking and writing workshops in Denver-area schools.

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Heather Doyle-Maier – Bo(u)nd

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