Heather Doyle Maier – Rest Less


© 2015
edition of open
dimensions in inches: 4.75 x 14 x 1.75


About this piece:

Rest Less documents the sleep attempts of two middle-aged bed companions through a long, interrupted night. Hand-stitched lines trace the progression of the couple through sleeping and waking, contrasting their trials with a consistent, restful wave. Utilizing the quilted cover and lining of a well-used pillow as its base materials, the book stands not only as a narrative of a particular episode but incorporates the physical and psychic traces of many restless nights.


used pillow cover and lining, embroidery thread, arches paper, book board

Artist bio:

Heather Doyle-Maier uses fabric and thread to examine themes of domesticity, femininity and motherhood, bringing her experience as a storyteller-musician, a costume designer, a mother and a wife to bear in her work. A Colorado native, Heather holds a BFA from Metropolitan State College of Denver in Visual Art and BA from Loretto Heights College/Regis College in Theatre Education. Heather’s award-winning work has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally, and she teaches bookmaking and writing workshops in Denver-area schools.

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Heather Doyle Maier – Rest Less

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