Ian D. Warren – The Grass Isn’t Greener


© 2015
open edition
dimensions in inches: 9 x 8.5 x 1


plexiglass, paper, parchment, ink, linen

“The Grass Isn’t Greener” comments on the issues of humanity taking over and manipulating the Earth. A visual narrative is created through serial and sequential images depicting, nature, human interaction, urban development, and finally destruction. A poem by the artists is hidden within the visual plane throughout the book. Often personifying nature, it reinforces a surreal state of being. Ending on spreads of de-saturated grass and gray water the artists asks the viewer to re-evaluate our impact on Earth. The images for “The Grass Isn’t Greener” were taken over a period of several years in various locations. All images and writing were created by Ian D. Warren.

Ian says:

When making this book I really thought about every detail. I wanted this book to be full of ah-ha moments, the color of text fades from saturated greens to browns to grays and reds, reinforcing the imagery and concept. The Thread is the only consistent green throughout the book, weaving back and forth reminding the viewer of its importance. I wanted the viewer to feel pulled in by the one-point-perspective within most of the images and the text hidden on the “z” axis. Asking them to search and continue a dialogue between the viewer, images, and text. The text also acts as an anchor for the images while leaving others open for further investigating.

Ian D. Warren is a Colorado Based book artist. He currently resides in Washington DC, where he is earning his MA in the book arts from, the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at GWU. He holds a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. Warren’s routes in the West and Mid-West heavily inform his work. Often reflecting on contemporary issues and nostalgia he aims to create artists books that are books as a statement.

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Ian D. Warren – The Grass Isn’t Greener

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