Inge Bruggeman – The Quickest Forever


© 2017

edition of 35

dimensions in inches: 10.25 x 6 x 7.5

about this piece

The Quickest Forever is a meditation on the passage of time, presenting the book as a kind of geological artifact.

Images of geological stratification accompanies fragmented text.

Knotted, looped, and braided thread creates another layer of imagery that signifies an act done with the hands in an attempt to document or control the passage of time. This use of thread was inspired by the quipus of the ancient Andean cultures. Printed lines based on the thread imagery lead the reader into spreads of landscape imagery where the reading process is broken up into a slow, considered pace.

This reading is interrupted by drawn, stenciled, and printed text that accumulates like so much verbal debris throughout the pages of the book. This text references a quote by Robert Smithson included in the book, “Writing drifts into strata, and becomes a buried language.”

The book is housed in a printed and sewn linen bag that is delivered in a library specimen box.

cloth, thread, paper, ink, colored pencil

About the artist:
Inge Bruggeman is Assistant Professor and Director of the Black Rock Press in the Art Department at the University of Nevada Reno. Her work revolves around the idea of the book — the book as object, artifact, and cultural icon. She makes artist’s books, fine press publications, prints, and other text-based art that investigates our personal and colletive relationship to the shifting role of the book, print media, and text in our world today. She is a recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commision and the Premio Lia 2014 Artist Book Award in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Inge Bruggeman – The Quickest Forever