Ioannis Anastasiou – Kinotaphio


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dimensions in inches: 6 x 4.5 x 1


About this piece:

In the series of works titled Κοινοτάφια (Kinotaphia, Common graves) I choose to explore the relationship between individual and collective memory. In my quest, I try to create a “burial” point – an incongruous and endless memento mori. I draw inspiration from the communicative nature of the book as a familiar interactive object carrying information, memory and content, but also from its material nature: I use it as a raw material for the construction of my books, presenting a set of anonymous or eponymous personalities who make up a a small part of the complex web we call collective and social memory. The final work juxtaposes the strict and traditional structure of the book with the persistent realism of photography, as well as its intense deconstruction through the process of printing (silkscreen printing) on peculiar surfaces-carriers (composites of hacked books).

The strict geometries are solid and visible impressions compared to the fleeting, reflective images of the photos they contain. They show the viewer the window photography claims to provide to the world, even when it decisively demarcates our separation from it. The grid provides to these portrait – gatherings an indisputable narrative structure and the ability to draw from the past and tell a story unknown to us with a power that few, individual photos have.

The books used to create the composites were upcycled and they were chosen with no specific criteria. They range from popular fiction, to law manuals, philosophy, foreign language books, etc. The pictures used were chosen randomly according to the following guidelines: that they would be portraits and that the artist wouldn’t know the subject.


upcycled books, zinc, string, ink

About the artist:

Lives and works in Athens, Greece

Ioannis Anastasiou was born in 1995 in Athens, Greece. He is currently a PhD student in The Doctoral School of The E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. His work includes social and political context and incorporates relief, intaglio and planographic printmaking techniques in the creation of 3-D objects, installations, artists’ books and prints. His work has been included in over 50 international exhibitions and competitions.

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Ioannis Anastasiou – Kinotaphio

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