Iris Grimm – Peep Show


© 2018
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dimensions in inches: 9 x 4.5 x 3.25

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about this piece

About this piece:

The book Peep Show explores technology’s relationship with sexuality. I found sexually suggestive images that were posted online and made chromogenic positives of those images to display in plastic slide viewers. I chose the slide viewers as an outdated technology and to reference the backlit screens that the original images are displayed on. The slide viewers also turn viewing the images into a more intimate experience as you peer through them and close your other eye.


book board, cloth, ribbon, slide viewers, chromogenic positives

About the artist:

Lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Iris Grimm is a photographer, bookbinder and mixed media artist. Iris studied at the Art Institute of Boston and is largely self taught in the techniques of bookbinding. Her current body of work addresses themes of change, the passage of time, truth and perception. Iris’ work has been exhibited nationally, including group shows in San Francisco, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Boston and Washington DC. Iris owns and runs the small bindery Grimm Books which specializes in non-adhesive techniques. She currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Iris Grimm – Peep Show