Jan Owen – Under Construction


© 2018
edition of 100
dimensions in inches: 6 x 5 – opens to 53

About this piece:

The United States is struggling with immigration and racial injustice, as it has from its founding by the taking of land from Native Americans and prejudice against new immigrant groups.

Under Construction is an accordion fold book, laser printed and hand colored. One side has a collage of images of United States history; the boats that came, train tracks then planes, the buildings, trees and rivers and the Statue of Liberty and the Capitol. The reverse side has hand lettered texts including the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Abigail Adams’ letter, the Gettysburg Address, Amendments XIII, XIV, XV and XIX; songs of protest, and now, hashtags.


paper, ink, book board, tyvek

About the artist:

Jan Owen is a calligraphic book artist in Maine. Her books are hand lettered on handmade paper and often include textural weaving. She likes to write lots of words by various authors and include some translated into binary code.


Jan Owen – Under Construction