Jean Buescher Bartlett – What’s Out There


‘A six-week artist residency at the Ucross Foundation in south-central Wyoming – not to mention a cross-country drive – put me in a succession of new and astounding landscapes. From my studio window, I had an uninterrupted view of a wide and desolate expanse. During this time, a photographer friend was writing to me and including his recent work. I pinned up a series of cyanotype images that he sent and was moved to write about them, as well as the winter landscape out my studio window. The photos and reflections resulted in What’s Out There. The ten-panel accordion book structure was chosen to echo the long horizon.’

Poem, pochoir, handmade paper, and ten-panel hardcover accordion binding by Jean Buescher Bartlett. Cyanotype sun prints by Tom Finke.

Printed from handset Perpetua type on Lana Laid paper in three colors.
Red Kasugami endsheets. Published under the imprint Bloodroot Press.’


Jean Buescher Bartlett – What’s Out There