Jennifer Evans – Every Last Leaf Shivers in the Sun


© 2020
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 11.5 x 9

About this piece:

The extreme temperatures of 2020 are an apt metaphor and expression for the turmoil of the year. Not only has the weather been unprecedented in its extreme degrees; emotions, too have run hot and cold. Melancholy. We have been shivering in the sun.


paper, ink, found objects

About the artist:

Lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Jennifer Evans creates art in a variety of media. “Everything in this world, I find, I’m related to” is a quote from the late artist Luchita Hurtado, which describes aptly Jennifer’s approach to her art. She has diverse sources of inspiration, including folklore (her major at Berkeley) and ancient traditions – Australian aboriginal spirituality, African griottes and minkisi, Mexican milagros, Native American folklore, Swedish traditions, the Buddhist ancestral roll call – as well as contemporary concepts of feminism and cultural inequities.


Jennifer Evans – Every Last Leaf Shivers in the Sun