Jennifer Evans – Whiskers and Whispers


© 2020
edition of 2 v.e.
dimensions in inches:

About this piece:

A print of an ear, whispers too soft and silent to hear, whiskers too scratchy and loud. Listen intently, without judgement. You must get closer, be more intimate. For there is truth in the whispers. Listen to the whispers for messages of hope and love.


paper, ink, found objects

About the artist:

Lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Jennifer Evans creates art in a variety of media. “Everything in this world, I find, I’m related to” is a quote from Luchita Hurtado, which describes aptly Jennifer’s approach to her art. She has diverse sources of inspiration, including folklore (her major at Berkeley) and ancient traditions – Australian aboriginal spirituality, African griottes and minkisi, Mexican milagros, Native American folklore, Swedish traditions, the Buddhist ancestral roll call – as well as contemporary concepts of feminism and cultural inequities.


Jennifer Evans – Whiskers and Whispers