Jennifer Rose Wolken – Exposed – Juror’s Award

© 2019
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dimensions in inches: 3.75 x 7.5 x 9


About this piece:

The subject matter of this piece is how it feels to deal with chronic illness. It started with a hand written page about the subject. The main theme is written in clay, on the inside of the vessel which is splayed apart and askew to emphasis this feeling. The handwriting, present on the signatures which hold the book together, and which details these feelings, is purposefully made difficult to decipher by the construction of the pages. In the same way the details of chronic illness are usually hidden from onlookers, who may get little hints over time.


ceramic, cardstock, ink, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Springfield, Missouri, United States

In 2009 Jennifer Rose Wolken designed of a line of handmade blank books under the name The Artist Studio LLC. Creating thousands of these individually by hand over the next few years opened up the potential of the book as a sculptural form to her. This prompted her to return to school to pursue the ideas of what a book can be, both content and form. Now as a full time student pursuing an MFA, she continues to create handmade books for clients while she pushes the book to new places sculpturally.

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Jennifer Rose Wolken – Exposed – Juror’s Award

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