• Jenny Craig Gimcrack Claptrap
  • Jenny Craig Gimcrack Claptrap
  • Jenny Craig Gimcrack Claptrap

Jenny Craig – Gimcrack Claptrap


© 2009
edition of 89
2 x 2


“This weeny accordion book is a combination wacky alphabet and showcase for vintage letterpress cuts in my collection. I have been collecting words for a long time. I particularly like words that repeat the same sound: hurdy gurdy, loosey goosey, hugger mugger and the like. As I scoured my collection for alphabet members, the text became more like a little song, patterned out in sound. At one point I considered making the entire book start with H, because there are so many of this kind of word that begins with H. As it was, I limited myself to starting 2 of the alphabet members with H anyway. All of the word definitions can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. Mine is the condensed one”

Hand printed in a signed limited edition of 89 books on Magnani Aqueforti paper. The words are all hand-set lead type. The animals all found copper and magnesium cuts.

Jenny Craig of  Notta Pixie Press is a librarian and book artist in Seattle. She studied Book Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and in Seattle at Day Moon Press on Beacon Hill.  Her work wavers between general amusement at the antics of household objects and experiments with ink and paper.

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Jenny Craig – Gimcrack Claptrap

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