Jill Powers – Embedded – SOLD

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dimensions in inches: 6.8 x 6.5 x 1.5



About this piece:

Embedded’s story is revealed through its translucent pages of Kozo bark fiber and stitched lines of shifu (Japanese paper thread). The line gains substance and presence across the pages, ending on the last page with the empty shaped husk of bark fiber formed around the de-materialized stitches. The bark fiber and the shifu are hand pounded and layered directly into the book’s pages and cover in stages. Each delicate, but strong page is made from cast Kozo, which has been hydrated, cooked, opened, shaped, and cast. The physical textures created with the bark come from the strength and unusual structure of the Kozo fiber.

The cover is made from hand beaten kozo, shaped directly into the book form with additional beaten surface texture, and natural pigments. The book is bound with shifu.


kozo bark, shifu

About the artist:

Jill Powers creates art in fields related to handmade paper fiber. Her primary medium is Kozo bark fiber, which she casts to create artists’ books as well as sculptural objects and installation art pieces. She has chosen to explore the qualities of Kozo bark fiber extensively for almost two decades, creating innovative casting and pigmenting techniques. Jill feels a deep connection to Kozo’s traditions and cultural history. Jill’s art comes from her in-depth interest in natural materials and processes. She teaches courses in Ecological, and Ephemeral Art at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and offers workshops in papermaking, Kozo, and book arts. Her work is in the American Museum of Papermaking and the Lieberman Contemporary Craft Collection. Jill’s art has been featured in many books and publications, including Hand Papermaking magazine,(Summer 2018), Fiber Art Now, and 500 Paper Objects.

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Jill Powers – Embedded – SOLD

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