Jim Johnson – A Book Is A Stack Of Prints


edition of 6
4 x 4


“A Book Is A Stack Of Prints” is one of a series of drawings and books based on the Roman alphabet. The title of the book is followed by the alphabetic ordering of the letters. The pages of the book are intended to be installed so that one may read the book in one viewing. They may be hung in order by the holes in the pages or scattered on a surface. Language and its use in visual form has been a consistent subject of my work for over 40 years. Sources include Concrete Poetry, the Oulipo, and Intermedia Art in general.

inkjet on Vellum Bristol

Jim was a member of the Painting and Drawing faculty of the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder since 1970. He developed the department’s Integrated Media and Computer Imaging programs and was instrumental in developing the Center for Arts, Media and Performance for the ATLAS Institute and served as it’s first Director. Visitors to the Denver Art Museum have likely seen his book/installation, A Thousand Words is in the Denver Art Museum’s Permanent Collection.

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Jim Johnson – A Book Is A Stack Of Prints

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