Jim Johnson – My Life


© 2018
edition of 5
dimensions in inches: 1.5 x 3

About this piece:

An accordion fold alphabet book with the words MY LIFE inserted in the alphabetic order. Hand cut letters are set in the Albers typeface. When extended, MY LIFE literally becomes an “open book”. One of a series of many such single word alphabet books by the artist.



About the artist:

Lives and works in Denver, Colorado. For over thirty years Jim Johnson has made books that frequently emphasize the ephemeral nature of images and language using various forms including letters printed on plastic sheets and large-scale posters installed in situ and in combination with sculptural elements.

His book/installation, A Thousand Words is in the Denver Art Museum’s Permanent Collection. Other books are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the archives of the Chicago, San Francisco and Otis Art Institutes.


Jim Johnson – My Life