Josh Hockensmith – Heart Sutra, Remix


© 2015
edition of 75
dimensions in inches: 4 x 3 x .5


About this piece:

Heart Sutra, Remix is a handmade, accordion-fold artist’s book inspired by one of the central texts of Mahayana Buddhism. It features digital collage and a poem presented in brush calligraphy.

I composed the text for Heart Sutra, Remix almost 20 years ago as an oral poem when I was first learning about the Heart Sutra. For this edition, I performed the calligraphy for each page spread ten times. After finishing the calligraphy, I scanned my favorite version of each page spread and used it as the basis for the digital collages printed in the final book. Each copy is inkjet printed, finished with unique burns through the pages, allowing it to fit snugly into a reused cassette case.

I think of the poem and this book as part of the long history of chanting and copying the Heart Sutra in calligraphy as a devotional act.


paper, thread, digital ink

About the artist:

Josh Hockensmith is a book artist and writer living in Pittsboro, North Carolina. He stumbled on artists’ books through poetry and an interest in hand bookbinding. He is interested in the full spectrum of work being created in book form; in the convergence of digital technology and the physical book; and in the history of the book as the complicit vehicle for humanity’s strangest, most wonderful, most powerful creations through the ages.

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Josh Hockensmith – Heart Sutra, Remix

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