Julie Baugnet – Leaving Without Maps


© 2017

edition of 10

dimensions in inches: 5.75 x 8.5


How is it that small worlds, swallowed by the big, endure the departure from what is known? This last sentence of the poem intrigued me. I set out to create a very sparse book, but ended up using many transparent layers to create a sense of mystery and wonder. If these birds can find their way through their long migratory route, then I can too. I’m done with GPS, I want to follow my instincts. This is also what the creative process is about. There is no road map—we just begin.

paper, ink

About the artist:
Julie Baugnet explores the common territories of poetry and image. Using color, texture, and the written word, she weaves landscape and voice. Baugnet creates small edition books using paint, mixed media, letterpress, handwriting, and screen print techniques. She collaborates with many poets, both national and international. Many of her books are bilingual—adding the element of cultural exchange.

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Julie Baugnet – Leaving Without Maps

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