Julie Shaw Lutts – The CuRiOuS Alphabet

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found objects, old dictionary, iPhone.

The CuRiOuS Alphabet is the first artist book in an app form. It’s abecedarian narrative is told as you read each page and watch animals, vegetables, minerals and odd objects dance across the pages of an old dictionary. The reader can pause the action to see carefully what’s happening as they go through the alphabet. The animations were created using an iPhone and the app is a free download. It has been downloaded in over 60 countries in the world.

The images provided for this entry are still photographs of the app The CuRiOuS Alphabet. If juried in to Cornucopia VI it will play on an interactive iPad mounted on the wall. To view The CuRiOuS Alphabet in action you can download for free at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id820581068?mt=8 More Images available on website: julieshawlutts.com

Julie Shaw Lutts is a book artist exploring themes of history, women, geography, time, mathematics, memory and science, often using vintage items both strange and simple in her work, including maps, diaries, tintypes, photographs, handwritten letters, odd medical devices, keepsakes and relics. Her work is held in collections both public and private.

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Julie Shaw Lutts – The CuRiOuS Alphabet