K. Vuletich – Take a Piece. Leave a Piece.

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about this piece

About this piece:

Take a Piece. Leave a Piece is part of the Urban Peak Portrait Project – an ongoing body of work where I record interviews with young people who have experienced homelessness and create artwork based off these interviews. Take a Piece. Leave a Piece is inspired by the make-do creativity I witnessed among the young people at Urban Peak.

For people experiencing homelessness, clothing is not always a choice. It can get lost or stolen or torn and dirty from having to walk everywhere and sleep anywhere. And, yet, the young people at Urban Peak make do with what they have. Much like myself, they are not professional seamstresses or tailors. Still, they take what they can find and make one of a kind outfits by painting on their clothes, stitching patches, cutting shorts, and so on. Even though it often comes from a place of necessity, these resulting outfits are personalized works of art.

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fabric, thread, paint

About the artist:

K. Vuletich was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. At Regis University, under the mentorship of artist Tony Ortega and art historian Barbara Coleman, she became interested in mixed media collage.
Vuletich believes our culture is not only hidden in the objects we consume and the people we revere, it is also woven into the objects and people we discard. Just as broken pottery can become antiquity with time, everyday objects and people can be transformed into gallery worthy works of art. Her art is both figurative and abstract; touching upon the narrative innate to even the most unwanted items.

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K. Vuletich – Take a Piece. Leave a Piece.