Karen Baldner/Drew Cameron – In War 1940 –


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dimensions in inches:12.75 x 9.5 x 1


In War 1940- is a 3 folios, six page piano hinge binding. Each page represents a conflict the US has been engaged in since and including World War II and is handmade from pulp of shredded uniforms pertaining to its respective conflict. The conflict that contributed to the paper that formed each page is printed on its back. The pages are held together with dowels and attached to a hard cover. Pages are consecutively smaller with the largest page representing World War II and the smallest page representing Afghanistan. The stepped piano hinge structure allows pages to be visible simultaneously and in relation to each other. Cover and inside lining are made from a paper pulp mixture of uniforms from all US conflicts represented in the book.

Although Karen and Drew were the main organizing agents in making this book part of its construction was a collaboration with combat veterans who donated uniforms and cut them into pieces for the pulping process.

In War 1940 – was bound in a variation of Hedi Kyle’s piano hinge binding style


paper, wood, ink

About the artists:

Live in Bloomington, Indiana/Iowa City, Iowa, United States

Karen Baldner is a book artist, papermaker and printmaker and teaches at Herron School of Art & Design at IUPUI, Indianapolis, where she directs the minor in Book Arts program. She shows extensively throughout the US and Europe and her work is in numerous public and private collections.

Drew Cameron is a former army soldier. He is a founder of Combat Paper and facilitates transforming military uniforms into handmade paper with veterans since 2007. His portable workshop has reached thousands of people throughout the country in 29 states. His work is represented in numerous public collections

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Karen Baldner/Drew Cameron – In War 1940 –

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