Karen Carcia – The Thread of Gold – (Purchase Award)


© 2016
edition of 3
dimensions in inches: 8.75 x 10 x 6

about this piece

About this piece:
The Thread of Gold is an altered accordion book. The original text, A.C. Benson’s 1907 meditative exploration, has been erased to create a contemporary poem. The original pages of the book have been excised from their spine and constructed into an accordion by attaching them to one sheet of kozo measuring approximately ten feet long. This sheet was brush-dyed with natural dyes processed by the artist. The pages are waxed to allow light to literally enter and interact with the text, and act as a bridge between the past and present of the book and its meanings.

preprinted book, paper, hand-processed dyes
About the artist:

lives in Iowa City, Iowa

Karen Carcia is a book artist and writer. She is the author of On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing (New Michigan Press, 2011). Her poetry has been published in: Conduit, Diagram, Prompt Press, Anomalous, and Forklift, Ohio. Her bookwork has been featured in national and international shows. She teaches at the University of Iowa Center for the Book.

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Karen Carcia – The Thread of Gold – (Purchase Award)