Karen Hanmer – #Great Again #Believe Me


© 2018
edition of 30
dimensions in inches: 3.5 x 2.5 x .75

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about this piece

About this piece:
From Access Hollywood through the Mueller investigation to white nationalist support, the Jacob’s Ladder #Great Again #Believe Me documents contemporary American personalities, pronouncements, slogans, scandals, policies and crimes, complemented by the metaphor of a deconstructing US Capitol. Housed in clamshell of archival board.

Photos courtesy of the Library of Congress.


paper, ink, binders’ board, polypropelyne

About the artist:

Karen Hanmer’s artist-made books are physical manifestations of personal essays intertwining history, culture, politics, science and technology. She utilizes both traditional and contemporary book structures, and the work is often playful in content or format. Hanmer’s work is included in collections ranging from Tate Britain and the Library of Congress to Yale University and Graceland. She served on the editorial board of The Bonefolder and as Exhibitions Chair for the Guild of Book Workers. She offers workshops and private instruction focusing on a solid foundation in basic binding skills.

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Karen Hanmer – #Great Again #Believe Me