• Karen Zimmerman Corridor

Karen Zimmerman – Corridor – EDITION SOLD OUT

c. 2013

edition of 8

dimensions 6×8


about this piece

Who owns water? Most states in the USA claim that the people have the right to water. I can’t imagine anything other than everyone having a right to free water, but its not the case. The right to water was an idea that I was thinking about and I think come out in this book. ‘First user in time, first right’ but where is the democracy. The diversions and claiming of water has had a profound change in the landscape. The access to water, I believe, has defined the landscape and the society.

Karen Zimmermann is an artist and educator. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona School of Art where she directs the Jack Sinclair Letterpress Studio. She received her MFA in graphic design from Virginia Commonwealth University and her BFA from Rutgers. Her work stems from a long interest in digital technology, printing, photography, books and typography. She has had her work shown in national and international exhibitions.

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Karen Zimmerman – Corridor – EDITION SOLD OUT