Katherine Venturelli – Book of Tea – SOLD

© 2008
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 11 x 11 x 5




About this piece:

This piece was inspired by Kakuzo’s 1906 essay, The Book of Tea, which addressed to a western audience the aesthetics of tea and its effects on Asian culture. I came to realize that there is more to this simple mundane form of the disposable tea bag and tea itself. Originally of medicinal use in Asia, tea has become a cult, a philosophy, ennobled into a religion of aestheticism- Teaism. Man has created symbolic meanings for this drink. Besides writing detailed manifestos for ceremonies, he has also devised tea implements, equipment and even structures to reinforce tea idealizations. I encased and preserved the book in a Plexiglas box that displays on the wall. It is made from twelve tea bags, each having calligraphic characters with their translation, expounding the qualities of ‘the cup of humanity’.
All facets of artwork are produced and designed by me. Display of Plexiglas case is preferably to be hung on a wall, but can also sit on a stand.


tea bags, handmade paper, ink

Artist bio:

Artist/educator Katherine Venturelli is recognized for creating unique artist books and fine prints produced from her California printmaking studio. With a listing of nearly 300 exhibitions, her works are held in special collections throughout the United States. Inspired by the power of symbol, universal order, and meditative intimacy, she explores various printmaking forms and book structures. “The artist’s book has provided me with a distinctive medium for resolving and integrating my ideas. I love books both as physical objects and as containers of meaning.”

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Katherine Venturelli – Book of Tea – SOLD

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