Kathy Dickerson/Selene Fisher – Ecidujerp


© 2019
edition of 10
dimensions in inches: 4.25 x 3.25 x 1

about this piece

About this piece:

Ecidujerp is prejudice spelled backwards. Either way it doesn’t make sense. For six decades, collaborator Kathy Dickerson has had this catch phrase stuck in her head. After holding it so long, it seemed time to bring it to physical form, given the social climate in the world today.

Prejudice was printed backwards and forwards on individual sheets of paper. These were hinged on opposite sides of an accordion book. The use of wood type, black ink on white paper harkens back to the political broadsides of old. The small page size emphasizes the boldness of the typeface and focuses attention on the concept.
Printing white question marks on black covers required experimentation with many ink combinations. Determining the hinging method and material needed several trials. Then the colophon: How to include one without detracting from the simple boldness of the book’s message? Many conversations and models were explored by the collaborators to bring the concept into its final form.

The artist collaboration moved through word to image to object. We started with the focus on the word prejudice. The question became how to format the image contained within the backward, forward word play in the political slogan about prejudice. The book as object, as carrier of the impact of the image suggested the two sided accordion book form. The historical nod to political broadsides of old, utilizing letterpress printing, added another layer of meaning to the book.
The oppositional message in this accordion book requires both sides to be visible to the viewer. The stretched out accordion is 36 inches long and will need this amount of display space to be viewed. The hinging of the pages allows for movement when the book is held, adding to its attention grabbing ‘slippery’ presentation.

Catchy political slogans are designed to be unforgettable and clever, to gain usage beyond their original scope and to create solidarity with others of similar views. We collaborated on a new rendition of a political poster, a reminder that prejudice does not make sense either way you see it.
Kathy remembered the slogan about prejudice for decades. Both collaborators wanted to produce a book that spoke to the rising and incomprehensible tensions in the world today. When Kathy described the idea, Selene was fired up to run the press. We wanted to bring the concept into a physical form that expressed the oppositional nature of prejudice. We wanted a book that spoke loudly and simply, clearly stating our bafflement. This book is our first collaboration, our first letterpress book. We hope it provides one small drop in a coming flood of rationality.


paper, illustration board, ink, glue

About the artist:

Lives and works in Indianola/Oak Bay, Washington, United States

Kathy Dickerson is a book artist living in Indianola, Washington. Her background is in mental health and environmental education. She continues to pursue these themes in her books, utilizing techniques of watercolor, letterpress and collage. Her books are in private and museum collections.

Selene Fisher is a letterpress printer and book artist living in Oak Bay, Washington. She developed these passions after working as a hotline counselor, rocket scientist and surface water engineer. She loves the tactile quality of metal type, its printed form and the expansiveness of the book as an art form.

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Kathy Dickerson/Selene Fisher – Ecidujerp