Kathy T. Hettinga – Displacement


© 2018
edition of 20
dimensions in inches: 8 x 6 x .5


Displacement is the removal from the normal location or position. We are living in times of immense displacement and relocation of peoples from their homes, and natural resources from the earth. My book begins with looking at the bleak mid-winter trees in central Pennsylvania. Driving through the hilly farmlands, old houses are perched precariously near highways, and dense woods overtaken by high-voltage transmission towers and power plants. Inspired by Heidi Kyle’s The Art of the Fold, Displacement riffs off of her One-Sheet structure, the Eight-Section Offset Cut. The offset cuts, reminiscent of an Advent calendar, conceal and reveal, small creatures hidden within: a brilliant, orange-headed, female Western Oriole, and house mouse take their dislocated places beneath the eastern woods and farm house respectively. The branches of sycamores create white lines out of the dense woods, tiny pathways of hope in a bleak time.


archival digital ink, paper

About the artist:

Lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Kathy T. Hettinga is an award-winning artist, designer, and photographer who holds the BFA from Calvin College and MFA from Colorado State University. She is the first woman to receive the Distinguished Professorship at Messiah College. She has taught at Indiana Purdue, Colorado State and for IMAGE in Santa Fe. Hettinga’s residencies and fellowships include: Yale’s Institute of Sacred Arts, Luce Center for Arts and Religion, Pyramid Atlantic and WSW. Her works are in numerous institutional and museum collections including: Yale, UCLA, Fogg Museum of Harvard, NMWA, and the Library of Congress.

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Kathy T. Hettinga – Displacement

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