Kazumi Seki – ふたつの家 / Two Homes


© 2018
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dimensions in inches:5.5 x 6 x .25

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About this piece:
ふたつの家 / Two Homes is an artist’s book created by Kazumi Seki in 2018 as a component and poetic distillation of her thesis project, あるがまま[Arugamama]. Based on the concept home as a safe heaven as well as secure base, Seki represent her memory and feelings for her two homes with two sections: My Home in Japan and My Home in Chicago. A house-shaped accordion book, letterpress printed on Mohawk Superfine that has been monoprinted using oil based ink at the Center for Book, Paper and Print at Columbia College Chicago. Written in both English and Japanese, the English type is set in 10, 12 and 14pt Avenir Book and the Japanese type is set in 10 and 12pt Hiragino Sans with a MacBook Pro using InDesign CC to create polymer plates. This book was made possible by generous foundation from
The Albert P. Weisman Award.

The title for my thesis project あるがまま[Arugamama] is a concept which also appears in the field of psychology, and is the goal of Morita Therapy that emphasizes the naturalness of feelings and the acceptance of feelings as they are, non-judgmentally, an important concept for living in today’s age of increased global interconnectedness which also often results in greater friction among diverse groups.

I consider that being arugamama has two aspects: accepting oneself as human being that usually makes person feel comfortable, and exploring inner and outer world that often accompanies anxiety. In my artist’s book ふたつの家 / Two Homes, I aim to represent the support that will give people sense of safety, sense of belonging and an environment which can allow people to explore and face challenges and help people to be their arugamama. I hope the reader of this book will remember their supports; it may their homes, families or religion.


paper, ink

About the artist:

Kazumi Seki is a visual and performing artist whose artworks take a variety of forms such as artist’s books, interactive installations and projects on a socially engaged platform. Seki earned BA in psychology at Japan Women’s University and MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. Seki’s artist’s books have been added to the special collections at Colorado College Library, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and some private collections. For her MFA thesis project Arugamama, Seki received the Albert P. Weisman Award and the Caxton Club Grant Honorable Mention.


Kazumi Seki – ふたつの家 / Two Homes