Kelly Nelson – The Orange


© 2015
edition of 5
4.5 x 4



Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

paper, ink,


Artist Statement about work:

The Orange is a relief printed, accordion folded book with flower folded inserts and collage. The poem was created by Chapman Hood Frazier for his brother, Charles. Some imagery was borrowed from Allen Blackman. The poem addresses cancer, a dark subject, that contrasts a bright, healthy and delicious orange. As the reader turns the page an orange grows while white blood cells fight. The poem is reminiscent and reflective with a spiritual air. The orange grows: the narrative continues.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – highly colorful; structure – unbound; image – traced, re-drawn, lifted from outside sources; technique – use a technique unfamiliar to you; layout – across the folds or gutters; text – collaborate with a writer or poet; paper – pre-treated. Adjectives – mystical or spiritual, strange or exotic, opposing or contrasting, narrative, formal

About artist:

Kelly Nelson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Michigan State University and a Master of Art Education as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking at Eastern Michigan University. Kelly has work housed in collections to include the Turner Print Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Arkansas State University, Eastern Michigan University and the University of Denver. She currently teaches at Longwood University.

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Kelly Nelson – The Orange

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