Kena Virginia Kitchengs Gomez – Los Gatos

edition of 4
dimensions11.2 x 9.44 x 1.18

$750 – Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.

Los Gatos tells about the lives and secret motives of cats, through classical references and other analogies that are purely human in nature, anthropomorphizing them in the process and reflecting the way in which symbols derived form animals and other non human entities are constructed. It explores the ease with which humans apply human qualities to animals, bringing them closer emotionally speaking; and also how humans in turn apply animal qualities to themselves. Other species cannot be understood just for what they are, but for how they relate to people. The texts were written by the artist. The techniques used were linocut, transfer and marbled paper.

fabric, paper, hemp thread

Kena Kitchengs is a mexican print artist and illustrator born in Caracas, in 1989. In the year 2009 she became a member of La Tómbola, a printmaking workshop based in the city of Toluca. Through this, she has participated in national and international contests and exhibits. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Design at Universidad Iberoamericana in 2013 and is currently beginning her Master’s Degree in Visual Arts at the UNAM.


Kena Virginia Kitchengs Gomez – Los Gatos