Kerri Mulcare – What Counts? – SOLD OUT

© 2018
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 2.5 x 6



about this piece

What Counts? is a set of artist books that question our relationship to the natural world and the built spaces that we occupy. The blizzard book structure allows for a large deconstructed monotype made from local flora to occupy its pockets. Once a piece is taken out the poem (which spans the two books) is revealed. The author’s own writing is juxtaposed with excerpts from Emma Marris’s TEDSummit Talk, “Nature is Everywhere-we just need to learn to see it.” The piece can then be assembled to reveal the whole print.

NOTE: The version pictured here is slightly different than the ones that are still available as this is a varied edition.


paper, ink

About the artist:

Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Kerri Mulcare is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Minneapolis, MN. Her studio techniques combine paper making, printmaking, book arts, and collage. Her work is concerned with in-between spaces, the every day, nature, memory, the archive, place, the body, and time. Through printmaking and material research she investigates the book form as a functional, narrative-based art object, as well as work that challenges the form as an aesthetic opportunity that goes beyond traditional modes of binding and display; work that can be deconstructed, enlarged or sculpturally transformed.

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Kerri Mulcare – What Counts? – SOLD OUT