Kim Hetherington – HMS Dream Maker Takes Sail

© 2017
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dimensions in inches: 3 x 3 x 6

about this piece

About this piece:

As a child, reading was a completely immersive experience. In my mind, I would live every story I read. It was as if I had left my world to enter another. I lost all sense of what was, and the journey would often be so absolute and fantastical that, often, I would not hear my mother repeatedly calling my name.

The “HMS Dream Maker Takes Sail” gives one a sense of what it is like to leave one world behind to journey through another. The closer one gets to the scene, the more the outside world is shut out. The world inside the book, becomes the world one exists in. Reading is very much like this, an adventure, or possibly a respite, from current life. Either way it is a journey for the soul.


book cloth, book board, mat board, ink, led lights, conductive thread, battery, ribbon, metal

About the artist:

Kim Hetherington is an artist living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been working and experimenting with Book Arts since 2010. Her bookbinding education has been a diverse experience with instruction from Monique Lallier, Jim Croft, Coleen Curry, Erin Fletcher, Kylin Lee, and other bookbinders. She enjoys having opportunities to learn from other binders, and has been known to drive many miles to attend classes.

Kim loves to share her knowledge of bookbinding. She was an Artist in Residence for the Pikes Peak Library District, and currently teaches bookbinding to library patrons.

Former Artist in Residence and Bookbinding Teacher

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Kim Hetherington – HMS Dream Maker Takes Sail