Kimberly Maher – In Silence


© 2015
edition of 5
5.75 x 4 x .5



Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

paper, pva


Artist Statement about work:

One of the cards drawn from the ideation deck was highly colorful. This card in particular became the impetus for “in silence”. I considered life forms that are vividly colorful and without care become devoid of life. “in silence” was letterpress printed using hand-set type on handmade lightly translucent abaca paper. The background abstract imagery was created using gelatin monoprints. Both the pattern and color shift fading from dark to light. The onion-skin binding developed by benjamin elbel was selected to represent layered transference of color. The book is housed in a cave paper wrapper.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – highly colorful; structure – innovative structure; image – symbols, diagrams, charts, etc.; technique – low-tech; layout – asymmetrical; text – self-generated; paper- handmade. Adjectives: simple , transparent , textured , layered , scientific or research-based

About artist:

Kimberly Maher earned an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book where she studied letterpress printing, hand papermaking, and bookbinding. She received a BA in Book Arts from St. Ambrose University where she studied art history, printmaking, and book arts. Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and abroad. She currently works for the University of Iowa School of Art & History, teaches workshops, and is working toward opening a community print and book arts center in Iowa City.

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Kimberly Maher – In Silence

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