Krista Narciso – Catching Light – SOLD

© 2016

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dimensions in inches: 5 x 3.5



About this piece:

Catching Light is a one-of-a-kind artist book consisting of an accordion structure housed in a handmade envelope. The drawing on the accordion was made using graphite powder and hand-cut stencils to create positive and negative shadow forms. Embroidery is used as another method of drawing and mark making on the page as well on the wrapper. Catching Light is housed in an envelope as opposed to having covers or being housed in a box to allow light to be transmitted by the paper while also keeping the book object physically light in weight.

The seedpod and leaf imagery in Catching Light has been pulled from images of shadows I have collected and recorded. I have been gathering this imagery for many years and using these images as a way to explore absence, drawing upon my own memory – specifically my earliest memory – of running between the rows of plants in my grandfather’s garden, now an absence. The imagery in Catching Light is intended to speak to the inherent impermanence of memory, it is an attempt to give some permanence to a moment – to create a particular place at a particular instant in time.


graphite, thread, paper

About the artist:

Krista Narciso is an emerging book artist and printmaker currently based in Iowa City, Iowa. She earned a BFA in Printmaking from Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut in 2015 and is currently an MFA candidate in Book Arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Narciso works across the media of drawing, printmaking, and book arts, frequently incorporating embroidery and sewing into her bookworks. She employs imagery drawn from nature and shadows to explore issues of memory, absence and presence, record-keeping, and impermanence.

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Krista Narciso – Catching Light – SOLD

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