Kristina McComb – Manufactured Autonomy


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dimensions in inches:4.5 x 3 x 1

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about this piece

Manufactured Autonomy: : Archive of Flukes, Products of Coincidence

About this piece:
The pearl, a material prized for perfection, yet that is so rarely perfect, serves as the inspiration for this body of work. At its origin, a pearl is nothing more than an agitation to the shell it grows in. In Manufactured Autonomy, I examine and catalog the physical intricacies such as size, shape, color, texture, and other defining characteristics of pearls. Through repetition of intimately sized photographs the pearls are cataloged and come together to create an archive, resembling an antiquated family photo album. The use of a chemical reaction to rust the metal structure references the coating process of daguerreotypes and tintypes and points toward the impact of time on material. Time stands as a dichotomy as it represents both death and life, as it naturally slowly and steadily destroys steel and also gives life to pearls. No part of life is untouched by times impact. And these minute details in the world are what draw my attention.


steel, ink

About the artist:

Kristina McComb is an interdisciplinary artist from Western Mass. She received her Associates of Science in Visual Art with a Photography Concentration from Greenfield Community College (GCC), where she graduated with distinction in art. While attending GCC she started an art practice merging photography and sculpture. Kristina transferred to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University to further hone her skills in sculpture, while continuing to pursue photography. Kristina’s work has been exhibited since 2014.

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Kristina McComb – Manufactured Autonomy